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10 Hot-Tips for Celebrating your Love for Yourself

If you are in a relationship, it is a fantastic day to celebrate your love and appreciation for your partner via expressions of love, romantic rituals and indulgence in flowers and chocolate.

Of course, it is important to be cognisant of your everyday efforts, these are the little daily compliments, expressions of appreciation and affection and efforts to truly listen to our spouse that really matter. It truly is the little things that matter most for making love last.

If you are single, Valentine’s Day need not be a day of dread or perceived pressure to find a partner. Regardless of your love “status” on Facebook, Valentine’s Day can be a day of joy and celebration for everyone.

It is a day to celebrate love of all kinds, whether it is for family, friends or random acts of kindness for a stranger. Most importantly, whether single or in a relationship, it is a day to celebrate your love for YOURSELF!!

The wise old saying that you cannot truly love someone else until you love yourself is certainly true. Your first step on the road to romance is with yourself, to love and accept yourself in the deepest way possible.

However, if your self-worth is measured by society’s dynamic factors, of the house, car, objects, jewellery, money, power, and appearance of our romantic love, it makes it difficult to love yourself, as that inner voice will always be doubting yourself.

The latest theory about love from psychological research explains the positive associations we have about ourselves enhances our attraction to others like us. Therefore, love for others really boils down to our love for ourselves…and how we perceive ourselves.

Below are 10 hot-tips for celebrating your love for yourself:

1. Stop criticizing yourself and focus and celebrate your positive attributes. Give yourself a break from the barrage of negative, self-defeating self-talk that often leaves you feeling depressed or anxious.

2. Pamper yourself with positive self-talk, a massage, or mini-pedicure. You deserve to celebrate yourself.

3. Smile at others & see what happens! Display your love to the world!

4. Do something worthwhile with your time that makes you feel worthwhile about yourself.

5. Find a form of physical exercise that works for you. Exercise is known to be a fabulous way to make you feel better from a confidence and mood standpoint, largely due to the surge of serotonin and endorphins being released into your system.

6. If you are single, make a date of joining other single friends or joining groups that allow you to meet new, like-minded friends.

7. If you are not able to go out (i.e. child-care constraints), create a warm and loving ambiance at home (i.e. candles, decorations, flowers, music, etc.).

8. Doing something nice for someone else (you will often feel rewarded ten-fold) .

9. Do something today that you have never done before, such as a dance class or trying out a new recipe for supper to bring some form of adventure and excitement into your day.

10. Write a Valentine’s Day note to yourself listing 2 ways you must show your love to yourself in the next month. This could include taking a vacation to a destination you have always wanted to go to, learning a new sport or activity, taking a course, or scheduling in self-care time into your busy weekly routine.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, don’t forget to take time out to love and cherish who you are. Happy Love Day!!

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