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Mental Health in the Workplace : Supporting People at Work

Organisations have a responsibility to support individuals with mental disorders in either continuing or returning to work with initiatives such as;
-> Flexible hours
-> Job-redesign
-> Addressing negative workplace dynamics
-> Supportive and confidential communication with management

Because of the stigma associated with mental disorders, employers need to ensure that individuals feel supported and able to ask for support in continuing with or returning to work and are provided with the necessary resources to do their job.

Unemployment is a recognised risk factor for mental health problems. Research shows that unemployment, particularly long term unemployment, can have a detrimental impact on mental health.

Occupational health services or professionals may support organisations in implementing these interventions where they are available, but even when they are not, a number of changes can be made that may protect and promote mental health.

Key to success is involving stakeholders and staff at all levels when providing protection, promotion and support interventions and when monitoring their effectiveness.

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