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8 Quick Thoughts to Help you Move Forward this New Year

1. Focus on working towards the vision you desire.

Focus creates feelings. Each day take 10 minutes to connect with thoughts and memories that make you feel good.

2. Make the relationship with yourself a priority.

Treat yourself at least once per week to an experience you enjoy. Putting yourself first isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. Live the life you desire and step into the best version of yourself.

3. Appreciate what is in your life.

Take time to show care to the people and things that actually matter to you. . Keep your eyes on your own lane and avoid falling into the trap of comparisons.

4. Start living in the now.

Use your senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, touching, and tasting to be mindful at whatever task you are doing.

5. Create your own story.

The stories we tell define us. Be the author of your experiences. Create a vision for yourself of what you want your life to look like and start making daily choices to reflect that vision

6. Work towards solutions.

Acknowledge your problems and then shift your focus to exploring solutions. Be curious and ask yourself what do you need to do to progress, gain clarity and support to move forward?

7. Set clear and manageable goals.

Acknowledge all your efforts and progress. Remember to take small steps, consistency beats intensity. Use the acronym SMART to guide your goal setting.

8. Practise self-compassion.

Recognise that our lives were shaped along the way by conditions that were not always in our control, and not only by good and bad choices that we made. Pause, soften the tone of your self-talk and change the harsh judgemental voice. Seek to cultivate the ability to be a true friend to yourself in any given moment. Start your self-compassion journey right now and see the difference it makes.

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