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The Cabin Approach

Pauline Walsh, MIACP. B.Sc Counselling & Psychotherapy

Clients often arrive for the first time feeling hopeless and judged. Some feel stuck or unhappy in their lives. I work to gain an understanding of where my client is positioned in their life and what they are going through.

I integrate a variety of treatment modalities tailored to the needs of my clients, grounded in evidence based practice and current research on the process of change.

Using a combination of cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, acceptance and commitment based therapy approaches, I help my clients deal with depression, anxiety, loss, anger, relationship issues, and job stress, to name a few.

Through my professional competencies and by giving my clients the opportunity to learn about their condition, we develop management skills and explore relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

As we develop a treatment plan and begin to see tangible progress, the overwhelmed feelings change into a sense of control and hope.

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